Physical Education

Make an impact!

Although jumping jacks and the crab walk are fun, there’s a lot more to physical education. In addition to physical activity, you’ll take courses in psychomotor development, exercise testing, administration, human anatomy and much more to help you develop teaching and presentational skills. The physical education program at Davis & Elkins College will also provide you with a variety of professional experiences necessary for a career in this movement-based field.

Physical education teachers are required to complete a teacher certification program with a specialty in physical education and in another minor subject. If you're not pursuing teacher certification, you'll complete a practicum in a work-related field of study.

You'll learn from faculty members who have extensive knowledge, practical experience and the dedication necessary to inspire you to achieve your goals. During your academic year, you’ll be provided with a variety of engaging experiences, both on and off campus, to help you build a strong resume which is necessary to succeed.


Throughout your studies as a physical education major you'll complete student teaching or practicum assignments under professional supervision. Our relationship with the local school system and strong alumni connections will provide you with opportunities to engage with leaders working in the field.

Once you earn your degree, you'll be prepared for a teaching career in physical education, as well as for a career in related areas such as coaching at a variety of different levels, youth work, various health fields, sport and athletic programs, and the management of sport- and athletic-related businesses.

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