Outdoor Recreation Management

Outdoor recreation management students at D&E have an opportunity to learn more than traditional recreation skills such as climbing, winter activities and whitewater sports.

The Bachelor of Science degree in outdoor recreation management from D&E offers courses that are structured to include an entrepreneurial focus. Graduates gain experience in their chosen field of outdoor recreation management and have the business skill sets necessary to successfully implement and/or manage a public agency, non-profit organization or their own business.

Students may choose from two areas of concentration -- professional outdoor recreation management and adaptive recreation management.

The career paths for graduates with a Bachelor of Science degree in outdoor recreation management are as varied as the outdoor activities available in the area. Each path provides an exciting and viable way to satisfy students’ career goals. 

Students may go on to management careers at clubs, commercial recreation areas, outdoor centers or own a recreation-focused business. They also may choose as career as an adaptive recreation specialist at rehabilitation centers, veterans hospitals or senior centers.