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The Davis & Elkins College art program prepares you with a strong foundation in the arts, design, art theory and art history to build on in your chosen medium – drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, digital media. Not sure which medium you want to work in? Try them all! Flexibility in the art program allows for growth and self-discovery through exploration, observation, problem solving, introspection and collaboration.

Whether you choose to major or minor in art, you’ll learn alongside dedicated, mentoring faculty who are working artists and active in the field. Small class sizes with faculty who are present and willing to help provide you with an inspiring environment that exposes you to new ideas, thoughts and activities while also allowing you to express your own creativity and explore your thoughts and feelings.


Throughout your studies at D&E, you’ll engage in practical experiences that will prepare you for a successful professional career in art or more in-depth study at the graduate level. Internship and entrepreneurial opportunities on campus and in the community allow you to work with a gallery. 

Arts Ink, a student-run art gallery on campus, helps you gain business experience managing a shop and, if you wish, sell your work. In addition to on-campus shows, you’ll have the opportunity to exhibit your work in galleries in the local community and nearby cities. Internships available at these working studios also provide you with unique learning experiences.

Journeying around the world, art students have the option for exciting and intellectually stimulating travel to nearby destinations and on an annual trip to Europe, visiting cultural and artistic hotspots.

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