COVID-19 Update, April 17, 2020

Dear Davis & Elkins College community,

We hope your Easter Holiday weekend was enjoyable as you now tackle the final weeks of the Spring 2020 semester. As a reminder, any questions related to the online course delivery platform or academic content should be brought to the attention of your course instructor.  We have done our best to address issues related to time zones, assignment delivery and assessment, and other specific items brought to our attention.  Keep in touch with your professors and let the Student Success team know of further concerns as well.

Financial relief

Students will soon receive a letter regarding financial relief for this semester. The letter will explain what relief has been granted for each student’s crisis-related expenses due to the COVID-19 global health crisis. The decision on relief comes as the result of a great deal of discussion and consideration surrounding the unique nature of the pandemic. Students and their families are reminded that policies and deadlines related to balances and financial responsibilities remain unchanged. Letters explaining financial relief are expected to be mailed out in the coming week.  Your patience is appreciated as we strive to ensure you will be provided with the maximum relief possible.

Pass/Low Pass/Fail grading options for Spring 2020

Faculty Assembly approved the following proposal today in a special session:

Students may select a Pass/Low Pass/Fail grading option for courses taken during the Spring 2020 Semester. 

Students may select this grading scale at any point through May 18, 2020. 

Full details about the policy will be released next week, but students should keep the following in mind as they consider whether to opt-in to this grading format:

  1. All course learning objectives will remain unchanged.

  2. Students are expected to complete the course and all necessary assignments. Selecting the Pass/Low Pass/Fail option does not exempt students from any course assignments or expectations.

  3. If you are considering a graduate, professional, or a licensure program, a “Pass” or “Low Pass” grade on your transcript may not be in your best interest.

  4. Students should consult with their Academic Advisor before opting into the Pass/Low Pass/Fail grading system.

  5. Students should generally not opt into the Pass/Low Pass/Fail grading option if they are trying to raise their cumulative GPA or if their major requires higher than a 2.0 GPA. 

  6. Departments will have the sole authority to determine whether courses within a student’s major will be eligible for the Pass/Low Pass/Fail grading option.

Students choosing to be graded under the regular grading system do not need to do anything. 

Commencement options survey

Seniors still have through Monday, April 20, to complete the survey they received via email regarding commencement options. The survey was designed to get feedback from seniors about possible alternatives to planned commencement activities that were changed due to COVID-19. Commencement options include Homecoming Weekend, September 18-20, and the close of the Fall 2020 semester, December 11-13. Graduating seniors are encouraged to fill out the survey.

Capstone presentations

Capstone presentations will begin on Thursday, April 23, and will continue throughout the remainder of the semester. Presentations will be made in the academic areas of Social Science, Humanities, Creative Arts, Business & Entrepreneurship, Education & Sport Science, Mathematics/Computer Science, and Biology & Environmental Science. Students involved in capstone projects will be notified of when they will make their presentations.

Residence Life staffing

The Office of Student Life staff as well as Residence Life staff have concluded the search process for Resident Assistants for the 2020-2021 academic year.  56 applicants were interviewed via Microsoft Teams video chat beginning April 3, 2020 and concluding on April 16, 2020.  There are 29 Resident Assistant positions available for the coming academic year.  With the overwhelming number of interested and highly qualified applicants, the Office of Student Life staff as well as Residence Life staff truly have their work cut out for them putting together the best Resident Assistant team for the 2020-2021 academic year.

What do you miss most about campus?

This has been anything but a typical semester, but the D&E campus you know, and love is awaiting your return. So, what do you miss most about campus? Click on this link to tell us!

Students still on campus

A total of 12 students remain on campus who cannot go home. These students are living in the Byrd Conference Center and are provided with lodging and food service during this global health crisis.

Campus deep cleaning

A massive deep cleaning process continues on the D&E campus to ensure a clean and safe environment upon your return. D&E is committed to safety and wellbeing.  While we are disappointed that a number of our summer activities have been canceled or postponed, we will make the most of this time as we prepare for your safe return.

Please practice social distancing and stay well.


Dr. Rosemary Thomas

Vice President for Enrollment Management
Institutional Advancement