What do you want to do with your life? Most students don’t know exactly what they want to do but, in time, and with guidance, they should begin to develop a clearer picture of what life will look like after college. By utilizing the resources available to students at D&E, students will begin to gain clarity in what academic program they should choose through a multi-step plan. Through personal counseling and assessments to help identify values, skills and goals, students will gain clarity in how to explore career options to make an educated decision about choosing their college major.


Would you build a house without a carefully planned set of blueprints? Then why begin to build your career plan without a set of blueprints as well? Considering that the time and money you will put into the next four years of your life may be equal to the price for a small home, it is wise to begin developing a “plan” for your career. The Office of Career Services & Student Employment has a plan and the resources to help you stay on track with career planning as well as reflect upon some topics you may have never heard of before.

Once you have chosen a major, it is time to start working toward a career in that field. It is crucial to your success that you incorporate learning outside of the classroom into your educational plan as well as maintaining good grades while in the classroom. Employers desire well rounded students who have a good mixture of learning and experiences when they are choosing an employee.


Every good career starts with a lot of good preparation. Having the tools and knowledge to sell oneself on paper and in person are essential. Career Services & Student Employment encourages all students to create their first resume in their freshman year and continue to add to it yearly. Our Career Services associate can provide you with the essentials to create a draft resume, our Writing Center will assist with editing, and the Career Services & Student Employment director will show you how to add the finishing touches.


When you consider that 60-70 percent of all jobs are found through word of mouth, it only makes sense that you put the most emphasis on meeting and networking with people who can impact your career. This is a process that should formally start in your freshman year and continue throughout your time at D&E. Connecting with people who can assist you in your career does not need to be time consuming or intimidating if done properly. Networking is a process that happens over time through numerous venues. Career Services & Student Employment has created vital connections that are beneficial to the students at D&E and encourages all students to choose a mentor and learn the art of networking early in their college career.


The logical culmination of combining everything that you’ve learned through personal inventories, informational interviews, researching employers and networking is to apply it in the real world through an internship or volunteering experience. Career Services & Student Employment strongly promotes obtaining not only one, but multiple real-world experiences during your college years. Some of our programs require students to fulfill an internship/practicum as part of the course requirements but all students are encouraged to do so. Davis & Elkins College has numerous options for gaining experience through our established sites or you can generate your own experience with our guidance.


Will you be ready for success when your opportunity comes? Preparing for “the next step” is the key to success upon graduation. As you walk across the stage and receive your college diploma you might be asking yourself “now what?” Career Services & Student Employment has assembled information that will help guide students as they make post-graduation decisions and forge new paths. Success, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder and it is up to you to determine what your success looks like.